What Does a San Diego Software Company Bring to the Table?

December 27, 2018
Can A Local San Diego Software Company Offer The Same As Overseas? Outsourcing your software development efforts might just be the best way to optimize your website and end up with the best product possible. You may be wondering what a San Diego software company brings to the table. It’s difficult to say just what … [Read more…]

Mobile App Trends California Businesses Should Watch For in 2019

December 20, 2018
Current and Project App Trends California 2019 If your business produces apps or uses them to interact with customers, you’d better be staying up-to-date with the trends. If you don’t, your business may just be left in the dust. It can be hard to keep track of technology since it’s changing all the time, but … [Read more…]

5 Hidden Costs for San Diego In-House Development for Apps

December 18, 2018
San Diego In-House Development for Custom Software, Design, and Mobile For a lot of tech companies in southern California, San Diego in-house development seems like a great idea. Apps built by even tiny agencies with only two to three people can cost anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000. Why wouldn’t companies try to avoid this cost … [Read more…]

5 Competitive Advantages of Custom Software Development in Los Angeles

December 14, 2018
Custom Software Development in Los Angeles California Finding custom software development in Los Angeles is essential if you want to keep with up the standard. There are a number of distinct benefits that come from custom software. While packaged, or pre-made software is alright for some businesses, those who require any level of specificity should … [Read more…]

How to Outsource Custom Software Development in San Diego

December 11, 2018
Locals Rule! Custom Software Development in San Diego As the average small business now spends around $75,000 a year on digital marketing, digital assets are eating up company budgets. For businesses looking for custom software development in San Diego, there’s no telling how much it will cost. Depending on the scope of your project, you … [Read more…]

Custom Software Company California: What Is Legacy Integration?

December 7, 2018
Custom Software Company California Business In your Backyard If you think your old technology is still working for your company, it’s time to take a second look. Legacy systems are still holding back 90% of businesses. One third say their antiquated systems are a barrier to important projects. While some companies pursue digital transformation, others … [Read more…]

Should You Modernize Your Los Angeles Business Legacy Enterprise Software?

December 5, 2018
How to Upgrade Your Los Angeles Business Legacy Enterprise It’s shocking how quickly software can become outdated. And yet the enterprise system at your company is the lifeblood of your business. Software needs to be updated in order to keep up with the speed of business, otherwise you run the risk of falling behind the … [Read more…]

A Comprehensive Guide to the Custom App Development Journey

December 1, 2018
Start to Finish Custom App Development A custom application often takes months to develop. Although it’s become much quicker, custom app development is quite intensive. Many business owners wonder why they put time and effort into custom software. There are many good reasons to choose custom software development. Off-the-shelf solutions may not work for your … [Read more…]

Software Development Carlsbad: What to Ask Before You Hire a Developer

November 29, 2018
Software Development Carlsbad California: Investment Done Right With 100,000 different software development companies to choose from, how do you know if you’re making the right investment? You know you want to outsource a developer but aren’t sure what questions to ask. By using these 6 basic questions about software development in Carlsbad, you will be … [Read more…]

The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Your Software Development

November 20, 2018
A List of Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Wouldn’t it be nice if someone else did all the hard work for you so you could just sit back and enjoy the profits? That’s exactly what outsourcing can do for you. In fact, outsourcing is such big business that it carried an estimated value of $88.9 … [Read more…]

Legacy Computing in Carlsbad: 5 Best Practices for Integration Success

November 20, 2018
Looking For Legacy Computing in Carlsbad CA? Look No Further! You’re finally ready to take the leap from your legacy system. But now you have to face the integration process to get your computers and everything up-to-date. If you have legacy computing in Carlsbad, there are a few things you need to keep in mind … [Read more…]

5 Best Software Development Methodologies

November 13, 2018
Looking For Software Development Methodologies? Custom software can provide more efficient and specialized solution to various business problems. This is certainly the reasons businesses are spending billions of dollars on software development every year. However, developing that software can seem like an insurmountable task. Choosing the right development methodology before you begin can help makes … [Read more…]

Top 4 Software Development Tools

November 8, 2018
Software Development Tools Overview Finding the right software solutions for your business’s needs can be a real headache. Often, it’s more beneficial to simply develop your own custom software. Where many businesses stumble is in the software tools they use to do this. Read this guide to learn about some of the best development tools … [Read more…]

What Makes an Awesome Software Development Team?

November 6, 2018
The Dynamics and Traits of A Successful Software Development Team Having the right development team could mean the difference between a successful company and one that’s struggling to survive. It’s up to you to determine who joins your team. The problem is that it can be very confusing as to who you should pick. What … [Read more…]

4 Successful Bespoke Application Software Examples You Should Check Out

November 2, 2018
Looking for Application Software Examples? Your business needs certain applications to run. There’s no getting around that. But, do you spring for an expensive bespoke software, or stick with the ready-made options? It can be a difficult choice, especially if you’re just starting out. To make the decision easier, we’ve gathered four bespoke application software … [Read more…]

Everything You Need to Know About Cross Platform Mobile Development

October 31, 2018
Cross Platform Mobile Apps Is An Industry To Itself Cross-platform mobile apps have surpassed expectations and have become a leading industry in itself. In fact, it’s predicted that the Cross-platform mobile app market will hit $7.5 billion by 2018. Which is why it’s no surprise why everyone is looking to make their app compatible with … [Read more…]

Top 3 Benefits of Custom Mobile Apps

October 25, 2018
Custom Mobile Apps for Your Business App development is a crucial part of the business ecosystem. Companies worldwide have developed their own mobile applications to improve customer experience and generate revenue. Earlier this year, there were nearly four million apps available for Android users and over two million on Apple’s App Store. From increased productivity … [Read more…]

What is Data Mining? Data Mining Definition and Why You Should Care

October 18, 2018
Data Mining Definition Data mining isn’t the grueling process that it sounds like. There was a time when people mined the web, sifting through endless data points. That time is over. Now, machines collect data and analyze it to find hidden connections. However, a data mining definition is still tough to come by. Many accept … [Read more…]

5 Real Life ERP Examples That Could Help Your Business (Enterprise Resource Planning)

October 16, 2018
ERP Examples To Help Understand The Benefits What ERP packages offer are professional-level resources for businesses of any size. Be it a sole proprietor start-up or limited liability company, features that were once the domain of only the most dominant businesses are not only available to all but can also be custom tailored to fit … [Read more…]

Why Your Business Should Be Using an Enterprise Resource Planning Tool (ERP)

October 11, 2018
How An Enterprise Resource Planning Tool (ERP) Could Save and Boost Did you know that 81 percent of organizations are either implementing ERP software or have completed implementation? To run a business, it’s important to install an ERP system. Why? What exactly is that and how does it work? ERP is an acronym for “Enterprise … [Read more…]

AWS vs. Azure: Which Works Better for Legacy Systems?

October 10, 2018
AWS vs Azure: What Are Your Business Needs No matter what your business, at some point the technology stack you are using becomes a legacy stack. It might get old, but you can’t just walk away from it. The question then becomes AWS vs Azure, which is best for your legacy application upgrade? Keep reading … [Read more…]

The Importance of UX Design in Custom Software

October 4, 2018
Good Design and Implementation Is Crucial to Success According to the co-founder of AirBnb, good design took his company from a failure to a billion dollar business. The principles he used included user experience design. These principles can easily be applied to your company to improve it. When looking at creating custom software, the user … [Read more…]

Data Mining 101: Data Mining Tutorial, Definition, and Examples

October 2, 2018
Data Mining Tutorial and Understanding The Technology You’ve heard of data mining, but what is it exactly? This article provides a beginners guide to data mining 101. It includes a data mining tutorial of definitions, examples, and information on how to start. Data mining has recently come to the fore with respect to how it … [Read more…]

3 Practical Data Mining Examples That Could Help Your Business

September 28, 2018
Data Mining Examples You Can Actually Understand Data mining is a tool that takes a lot of seemingly unrelated information and organizes it according to patterns. Governments and Retailers alike have collected data to learn more about their target audience and make fact-based decisions. The tricky part comes when it’s time to put the organized … [Read more…]

What is Custom Software Development? Defining Custom Applications

September 26, 2018
Custom Application Within Software Development Around 80 percent of American employees say they print something once per day. This statistic shows the paperless office is less a reality and more an ideal. Why haven’t businesses gone paperless yet? Business owners like yourself point to the problems with software. It can be expensive to install, you … [Read more…]

5 Key Benefits of SaaS for Custom Software

September 19, 2018
Understanding The Benefits of SaaS for Custom Software Does your organization need custom software? If so, you probably have used the traditional software. This requires you to build the server, install the applications and configure all of your settings. But this is tedious and expensive. Instead, use SaaS, or software as a service. Rather than … [Read more…]

Hang On, What Does the ERP Acronym Stand For?

September 14, 2018
The Definition of ERP Acronym and Practical Application Modern businesses cannot afford to ignore ERP. The acronym stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, but how can it really help your business? In this article, we define the ERP acronym and examine everything an ERP system can do for you. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) refers to business … [Read more…]

The Key Benefits of Custom Inventory Management Software

September 11, 2018
Custom Inventory Management Software For Success Accurately tracking inventory is a vital part of any successful business. If you’re not keeping track of the products you sell and the materials used in your business, your company will turn to shambles. There are pre-made inventory software programs you can use at your business to track everything, … [Read more…]

Why to Hire a Specialist to Streamline Your Legacy Modernization

September 7, 2018
Legacy Modernization Explained in Detail Is your legacy software out of date? If so, your business’s security and functionality may be in jeopardy. If you’ve been holding onto that software because there are features you just don’t want to lose, you’re in luck. You can opt for legacy modernization instead of switching to entirely new … [Read more…]

The Benefits of Custom Written Software for Data Analysis

September 6, 2018
Custom Written Software For Data Analysis: Business Logic and Solutions Imagine going into a store to buy specific software equipment, but there is nothing there tailored to the interests of the company. It’s possible to find and snatch up off-the-shelf software which is available for most people to use after they pay a license or, … [Read more…]

SDLC Phases- Understanding the Software Development Life Cycle

September 4, 2018
SDLC Phases Explained and Defined The System Development Life Cycle, or SDLC, is a structured process that’s used to develop a model or framework for quality system development. Initially, the SDLC consisted of five stages but it has shifted and swelled to include seven phases to ensure comprehensive analysis and development. Let’s explore the SDLC … [Read more…]

4 Legacy Code Management Tips

August 30, 2018
Legacy Code and Management Ideas As most companies spend 55% of their budget on dealing with legacy code, that’s a big weight holding companies back in the past. If you’ve only got 45% of your budget for developing new initiatives, it’s going to be hard to be innovative and competitive. Legacy code sounds like a … [Read more…]

5 Software Trends in 2018

August 28, 2018
2018 Software Trends for Business Application The computer software industry is constantly changing. What was hot last year can quickly go out of style. It’s no easy matter for companies to stay current on the latest trends, or to know what they need or what their customers will want from them. Software trends can be … [Read more…]

A Guide to Custom Healthcare Software Design and Development

August 24, 2018
Healthcare Software Within The Correct Scope Have you ever wonder how companies develop healthcare software? Unlike other software, healthcare designers need to keep many regulations and specifications in mind when developing it. To give you better insight into developing healthcare technology, here’s a quick guide. Different User Goals and Needs The first thing to consider … [Read more…]

What to Look For in a Custom Software Development Company

August 21, 2018
Are You In Search For A Custom Software Development Company? There comes a time in the lifecycle of every business when they need custom software. Even companies that are in the same industry have distinct differences between them, and few software solutions are “one size fits all.” Even when you have identified that you need … [Read more…]

Your Introduction To Big Data and Why You Should Care

August 17, 2018
Introduction To Big Data: How It Affects You and Your Company How much do you really know about your potential customers? This can be a million dollar question. Luckily, with a basic introduction to big data and some customized software, just about every pertinent piece of information you could use about your customers can be … [Read more…]

What Are Custom Software Development Services?

August 14, 2018
Software Development Services? How Does This Work? Are you just starting a business? Or did your sales just increase rapidly and you need help keeping track of them? Whatever your need, your company is different than every other one in the world. Even franchises run differently, though they have core similarities. Stand out from the … [Read more…]

5 Custom Software Integration Testing Best Practices

August 14, 2018
Custom Integration Testing Why’s and What’s! If you know a thing or two about software, then you know that integration testing is vital to ensuring your system runs without a glitch. If you don’t know what integration testing is, you should–your functionality isn’t nearly as competitive without it. Here are five integration testing best practices … [Read more…]

5 Steps to Creating an Effective Software Production Life Cycle

July 25, 2018
Software Production Life Cycle For The Masses With the global tech market headed toward a record-breaking value of $4 trillion, the world of software is becoming ever more competitive. With so much competition, you need to make sure you can create great products quickly and efficiently. Streamlining the software production life cycle is essential to … [Read more…]

Everything You Need to Know About Legacy Software

July 20, 2018
Legacy Software For and In Your Business Depending on the size of your business, a software upgrade can cost you up to $200,000 or more to implement. The alternative is to keep using older software and leave yourself vulnerable to the security issues contained within. In some cases, legacy software can be useful but as … [Read more…]

How to Create Custom Project Management Quotes

July 18, 2018
Unique Project Management Quotes Are A Difference Maker According to research, Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than just text alone. Putting attention into the visual appearance of your project management quotes will convert prospects into clients and potentially boost your sales. Project management quotes allow a prospective buyer to see the … [Read more…]

5 Reasons Companies Should Not Cling to Their Legacy System

July 13, 2018
What are Legacy Systems and Why Legacy Systems Are Still Used With an estimated 40 to 50 percent of business IT systems in need of updating, it’s no surprise that many companies are still clinging to their legacy systems. While some companies may gain an advantage to using a legacy system, most will find that … [Read more…]

Flawless Data Migration and Data Migration Plan

July 10, 2018
Flawless Data Migration and Data Migration Plan Is your business growing? If so, that’s wonderful news! The not so wonderful part? The realization that you’ve outgrown your old data system–and need to migrate to a new one. Exactly what is data migration? It involves moving data from one type of storage system to another. It … [Read more…]

What Does SaaS Stand for and Why Should You Care?

July 5, 2018
What Does SaaS Stand for and SaaS Solutions How often have you seen the term SaaS and have no idea what it means? Well, SaaS can be a very important aspect of your business. Since everything is run by technology, businesses need software support to ensure everything tech-wise runs smoothly. This is where SaaS comes … [Read more…]

5 Reasons You Need Personalization Software

July 3, 2018
Web Personalization Software As a business, you want to make sure your company is running at its best. That means having the most current technology to keep up with the competition. With this in mind, you’ve probably heard about web personalization software and may have even done a bit of research, but you aren’t sure … [Read more…]

5 Industries That Desperately Need Data Mining

June 27, 2018
Data Mining Applications and Uses of Data Mining in Business Information is at the heart of every business. How your company accesses it and how its used are key components of a successful enterprise. Data mining is one way to gather information and there are as many businesses in need of this process as there … [Read more…]

3 Major Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementation Pitfalls to Avoid

June 19, 2018
ERP implementation can cause a lot of headaches for people if they aren’t prepared A lot goes into successfully transitioning over to a new software program, and if you handle it wrong you could be feeling the effects for weeks or months. Imagine something going wrong with data migration and losing important information. Or realizing … [Read more…]

Why These Legacy Systems Should Make You Cringe

June 7, 2018
Legacy Systems Examples and Why To Upgrade Keeping legacy systems running takes $36 billion in taxpayer dollars every year. Legacy systems that are tied to old technology, old devices, or old software can be a burden on any company without the resources the government has. If you’re keeping legacy systems running in your office for … [Read more…]

How To Transfer Programs to A New Computer: 3 Easy Steps

June 5, 2018
Transfer Programs to New Computer and From One PC to Another New advances in computing power and cost make upgrades tempting, while wear and tear make replacements necessary. Regardless of which single component gets changed, at some point, they will have to transfer programs to a new computer. Changes to any piece of hardware (aside … [Read more…]

Current Trends in Product Software Design

June 1, 2018
Product Software Design and Applications If you are looking to roll out a new line of product software, there are things that you need to know. It’s essential that you understand the current trends surrounding this software, to be certain you’re producing quality. No matter what industry you work in, there are tips to keep … [Read more…]

5 Tips for Modernizing Your Legacy IT System

May 29, 2018
The Future of Your Legacy System By the year 2020, spending on information technology (IT) will surpass 2.3 trillion dollars. In addition to installation and training for new fancy technology, part of these large costs includes managing older systems as they become obsolete. Updating these systems comes with many challenges that can cause you to … [Read more…]

5 Questions to Ask Your Product Software Team

May 22, 2018
Why A Product Software Team Is So Important Before choosing the custom product software that will best fit your company, you need to ask your development team a few questions. How will this software compare to the competition’s? Does your potential team have a steady employee base? What are your customer demographics? There are a … [Read more…]

How to Save Money on Software Integration

May 17, 2018
What is Software Integration? In an ever increasing digitally-connected world, customer-focused software is a necessity. It’s also a significant cost driver. Companies are expected to increase spending on software by 6% in 2018. It’s just one segment of growth in what’s become a multi-trillion dollar industry. When it comes to IT, companies seemingly are willing … [Read more…]

What Does a Product Software Engineer Do?

May 14, 2018
Importance of A Product Software Engineer The world runs on software. Every piece of hardware technology we use is powered by some form of software. Have you ever wondered where this software comes from? Software engineers design and develop the many different kinds of software we use on a daily basis. In this article, we … [Read more…]

Ai and the Future of Custom Software Development

May 10, 2018
Custom Software Development and The Road Ahead According to a study from more than 350 artificial intelligence researchers, there is a 50% chance machines will outperform humans in all tasks within 45 years. Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere. From self-driving vehicles to voice-activated assistants, the technology revolution is well on its way. AI has also … [Read more…]

Current Trends in SaaS Development

May 8, 2018
SaaS Development Questions and Answers Given that nearly 50% of all small businesses don’t even have a website, it’s not surprising that most don’t have the infrastructure they need beyond a website. If you’re looking to open even a small shop, you need to have payroll, eCommerce, and communication solutions in place. Thanks to the … [Read more…]

5 Hidden Vulnerabilities in Your Legacy Computers

May 2, 2018
Legacy Computers In The Modern Era With the average data breach now costing companies around $3 million, it’s hard to swallow an excuse for poor security practices. A data breach from legacy computers could cost your company in terms of lawsuits, damaged reputation, and fewer sales in the future. Your company can’t afford to ignore … [Read more…]

Building Your Custom Product Software: A Short Guide

May 2, 2018
Product Software Design and Implementation Have you considered personalizing your company’s product software? Doing so can lead to a significant increase in employee efficiency. When most commercial software can’t be tailored to specific business needs, it may be best for you to develop your own. Outline Your Specific Requirements As with many larger companies, different … [Read more…]

How Data Integration Service Helps Your Business

April 27, 2018
Data Integration Service and Opportunities Are you paying a small fortune for plain old telephone service for your business? If you had the opportunity to increase both cost-savings and productivity at the same time, would you take it? If that option sounds attractive to you, you may want to consider switching from your plain old … [Read more…]

4 Tips for Good Product Software Design

April 23, 2018
The Importance of Product Software Design Problems loading, navigation issues, and an overall ugly look. These are all problems that occur when your product software design is really low quality. You can have the most helpful product but if its design is off-putting or inaccessible you’ll have a hard time finding people to use it. … [Read more…]

How to Hire the Best Product Software Team

April 19, 2018
Product Software Team: The Best Lineup Possible! Software development is both art and science. Not everyone has the skills needed to work in this field. As a business owner, you want to hire the best people to bring your ideas to life. Those who work in this niche are the creative minds behind software programs. … [Read more…]

How to Complete Data Migration Without Losing Data

April 16, 2018
Complete Data Migration: Course of Action For every business, there is a 100% chance they will need to complete data migration at some point in order to stay relevant. The simple fact is that storage options are growing all of the time, and keeping a “legacy system” may lead to compromised or corrupted data that … [Read more…]

4 Reasons You Need Custom Software Development

April 11, 2018
Custom Software Development: Needs and Wants Your company is losing money because it’s using the wrong software. How can you know? Because it wasn’t custom made for your company. Custom software development is a necessity for any company that doesn’t want to get left behind while the rest of the world races towards an increasingly … [Read more…]

A Guide to Customized Software Development

April 6, 2018
Customized Software Development Needs and Wants Organizations today expect their applications to reflect their current business reality. They want them to be flexible, scalable, and secure. Businesses have to move quickly, innovate new ideas and be available to customers all the time through multiple channels. But most legacy applications are simply not designed to respond … [Read more…]

Product Software Security | 3 Ways to Make Your Product Software Secure

March 31, 2018
Product Software Security: Why Risk It? Ask yourself this: would you trust software that’s not secure? If you answered no, you’re on the right track. So, why would customers think any differently? No matter the type of software, it needs to be safe to use. Unfortunately, cybercrime is on the rise. Amongst businesses, cyber attacks … [Read more…]

Legacy Issues: Top 5 Challenges to Legacy Integration

March 24, 2018
Legacy Issues Explained … [Read more…]

Who Needs Data Integration Services?

March 19, 2018
Do You Need Data Integration Services? While it’s relatively simple to collect data, data scientists will spend 60% of their time organizing and cleaning data. That’s because so much of the data collected in any industry comes in disconnected from context or less than useful for the average office worker. Data integration services have the … [Read more…]

5 Commonly Asked Questions About Software Product Engineering

March 16, 2018
Software Product Engineering Questions and Answers With most companies spending around 6% of their annual budget on software, it can be unclear what that money really goes to. If you don’t know much about software product engineering, it could seem like that money is going up into thin air. Understanding software product engineering can help … [Read more…]

4 Custom Software Examples You Need to Know About

March 12, 2018
Custom Software Examples Means Custom Results Spending on business technology, or custom software solutions, comprises about 6-8% of budgets for large companies. Spending hundreds of thousands or millions on custom software can seem like a huge expenditure for small businesses. Once one realizes the kinds of custom software examples that can be created, you might … [Read more…]

5 Awesome Data Mining Applications

March 8, 2018
What are the real world data mining applications? Collecting and analyzing data grows more and more important. Companies find more ways to use it to their advantage. The tremendous increase of information stored in company databases and online make data mining more effective than ever. It’s considered a crucial task, because better insight leads to … [Read more…]

What Is Your Data Migration Strategy?

March 6, 2018
Does Your Organization Have A Data Migration Strategy? Creating a data migration strategy can seem like a daunting task. For some businesses, too, it can be a process prone to major disaster. It’s understandable why some companies are hesitant in undertaking such a task. But it’s an investment worth taking to keep your teach up-to-date. … [Read more…]

The Essential Components of a Software Development Plan

February 26, 2018
The Components of a Software Development Plan With software developers making an average of around $100,00 a year, a lean team of 5 or 6 software developers can start a new project off in the red. With those kinds of starting costs, project managers want to know that not a cent of the budget is … [Read more…]

4 Benefits of Custom Software Solutions to Your Business

February 6, 2018
Custom Software Solutions and Technologies Around 60 million commercial entities use Microsoft’s Office 365 applications. With so many users, the suite can only ever provide a one-size-fits-all solution. That means not every program does what you need it to. If you’re frustrated with the limitations of common business software, perhaps it’s time to investigate custom … [Read more…]

Why You Need to Consider Legacy System Migration

February 2, 2018
Legacy System Migration: Why Out of Date Technology Can Bankrupt a Business Up to $1.8 trillion in productivity annually in the U.S. is lost to legacy systems and outdated technology. The same survey notes that 25% of workers feel their company’s tech and policies hinder productivity. At some point, you’ll reach a plateau beyond which … [Read more…]

Why You Need to Consider Legacy System Migration

January 24, 2018
Legacy System Migration: What it Means to Your Business Up to $1.8 trillion in productivity annually in the U.S. is lost to legacy systems and outdated technology. The same survey notes that 25% of workers feel their company’s tech and policies hinder productivity. At some point, you’ll reach a plateau beyond which maintaining the system … [Read more…]

How Legacy System Modernization Can Transform Your Enterprise

January 19, 2018
Legacy System Modernization Can Change Your Enterprise If you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, what’s the alternative? A disturbing number of high-profile companies are stuck with outdated legacy systems that limit their opportunities and leave them open to attack. As such, it’s hardly a surprise that smaller businesses experience the same burden. Legacy … [Read more…]

Top 5 ERP Implementation Challenges

January 9, 2018
How to Solve 5 Common ERP Implementation Challenges Enterprise resource planning (ERP) helps business reduce costs, streamline processes, manage growth and adapt to global markets. In fact, ERP can help businesses reduce administration costs by 22 percent and operational costs by 23 percent. Evidently, if your business is yet to embrace the ERP revolution, it’s … [Read more…]

5 Ways to Ensure Legacy System Integration Won’t Kill Customer Service

December 20, 2017
Legacy System Integration Tips and Advice A perceived high cost of integrating legacy systems with customer services keep lots of IT companies from improving on their product. But when a legacy system lags, users can eventually head out the door. Continuing to offer solid customer service solutions will keep your clients faithful to your company. … [Read more…]

How to Integrate Legacy Systems into the Digital Age

December 11, 2017
Legacy Systems Born Again As Bob Dylan famously mused, “The times, they are a-changin”. There’s no better example of change than in the world of technology. Software and systems which were relevant 5-10 years ago are now fossils in the era of the iPhone X. This includes the way you do business. Some of your … [Read more…]

3 Reasons to Integrate Legacy Solutions in Your Modern Systems

December 4, 2017
Integrate Legacy Solutions in Your Modern Systems Legacy Solutions to not only fit your budget, but also your demands. While there might be a newer way of doing something, that doesn’t always mean it’s the best way to do it. This is particularly true of software systems. While modern advances and upgrades can make most … [Read more…]

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