What is Custom Software Development? Defining Custom Applications

Custom Application Within Software Development

Around 80 percent of American employees say they print something once per day. This statistic shows the paperless office is less a reality and more an ideal. Why haven’t businesses gone paperless yet? Business owners like yourself point to the problems with software. It can be expensive to install, you need to invest in training, and, more often than not, it doesn’t do what you need it to do. Have you only been looking at generic software you can pull off the shelf? A custom application is the solution you’re overlooking. If you’re wondering about custom software development and how it could help your business, keep reading.

What is a Custom Application?
You can think of custom applications like tailored suits. Generic software is something you grab off the shelf. Maybe it fits, and maybe it doesn’t. Custom software by definition is made especially for your business. You work with the vendor to create a program that fulfills your business needs. In essence, it does exactly what you need it to do.

What Can Custom Software Do For You?
The next question you likely have is about what custom developments can do for your business. The first and most obvious effect they have is streamlining your operations. When using generic software, business owners may find they need to use several programs to do a task. Your employees lose time by flip-flopping between applications. You might also experience a loss of data integrity between applications. This should leave you wondering if there’s an easier way.

There is: A custom application can integrate all the functions you need. Now you need one application, not several. Your employees can finish the task in one place. Besides saving time, you can save money and increase productivity. A custom app could let you improve customer service, deliver products sooner, and so much more.

The Custom Development Process
How do you get a custom development application for your business? First, you’ll need to research vendors. It’s a crowded market, but the right vendor is out there. Look for exceptional customer service and a track record of creating great software. Once you’ve decided on a vendor, you’ll work with them to design your ideal program. You’ll need to tell them what you want the program to do. You’ll work closely together during the design stages. Your employees will test and troubleshoot the program as well. The process can be lengthy and intensive, but you’ll get better support and training, alongside a program that truly does what you need it to.

Isn’t Custom Development Costly?

3Si2 Custom Application

Cost is the number one concern business owners have about custom application development. While custom development has a reputation of being more expensive, it doesn’t have to be. Most of the time, it has a higher ROI than generic software as well. Yes, the price tag of the off-the-shelf solution may be lower. It still costs you far more in lost productivity and increased frustration.

Are You Ready for Better Software?

If you’re tired of programs that don’t fit your needs, consider a custom application for your business. You can save time, money, and so much more with a program that truly suits your needs. Talk to a top vendor today and get started designing your ideal program.

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