Data Analytics & Predictive Analysis


     3Si2 leverages predictive data analysis and interactive data intelligence techniques. A shopping cart, for instance, may only contain products with prices, calculated from costs and margins. Preferably the pricing should include the determination of what the market is willing to pay for the products, translating into newfound profits. Not until very recently any prediction modeling was expensive and required database and software products only big clients could afford. Lately, tools like ‘Tensorflow’, ‘Caffe’, ‘Amazon Machine Learning’ and several others in this class are GNU Open Source licensed. Enterprises unwilling to allocate six-figure licensing fees for quality business intelligence now have a new option. At much lower price levels and with the creative power of a developer team such as 3Si2, companies can leverage modeling patterns and correlations with a variety of different applications such as visual content analysis, data mining, artificial neural networks and self-cultivated smart assistants.
Sport Data Mining
Sport Data Mining
Sport Data Mining
Sport Data Mining
     3Si2 implements modern data analysis solutions for a variety of different applications such as visual content analysis, data mining, artificial neural networks design, self-cultivated smart assistants. In a system developed for the Los Angeles Clippers basketball organization 3Si2 utilized analytical tools which evaluate extensive databases of NCAA player performance statistics to predictively determine standout players with growth potential at the next level of play.
Electronic Queuing Interface
Queuing Interface
Queuing Interface
     3Si2 wrote an electronic queuing software interface for a leading manufacturer of crowd control devices. These products are highly efficient in places like Universal Studios CA, where a large number of clients come to visit and shorter wait times for entering the theme park improve the overall customer experience. Electronic queuing allows all customers to wait less and to get faster to the next available service counter. 3Si2 created connectivity between the primary display and processing units, memory management, and configuration software. Additionally, the software tied wireless control units and connected external devices such as a “next customer” signs.
Inventory & Material Management

Inventory Management
Distributed Database
Inventory Management
     3Si2 developed an inventory, Work Flow, and Order Management software support multiple independent regional offices & warehouses. The system tracks stock in the warehouse, to and from the construction site, material that is drop-shipped to constructions sites (does not pass through the storage facility) and calculates total material costs by project. Also tracked are transportation, overtime premiums, and equipment rental costs.
Medical Inventory and Order Management System

Medical Management
Medical Management
Apple App
     3Si2 build a ‘just-in-time’ integrated inventory and order management system for this client. It provides a 3-tiered hierarchical organization of outlets with multiple regions and offices – each office having separate inventory and order management accounts. The application focuses on corporate oversight and control of regional offices with variable order review and approval levels. The system uses predictive algorithms automation for the ordering of high-volume consumables. With this approach, the software maximizes human resources and also reduces shipping costs while preventing shortages. An EDI feature offers integration with existing client MRP systems.
UI for Hardware Systems

Java FX
     3Si2 has extensive experience in engineering hardware and software for commercial and industrial applications. For example, functional electromechanical control devices may become unusable because the interface software was built to run on now unsupported computer operating systems (OS), such as Windows XP. 3Si2 can bring new life and substantial savings by updating such software to modern standards, extending these systems with contemporary user interfaces (UI) and reconstructing a cohesively functioning service solution. Above appearance and function, new features can be added such as WiFi or Bluetooth. Delaying the ‘functional obsolescence’ of systems and devices may make sense, where otherwise budgetary and time constraints will dictate the end of any meaningful system operation.
Digital Signage Narrowcasting

Digital Signage
     A custom narrowcasting system can turn a TV into a digital signage display. 3Si2 has developed technology that displays media on selected screens using different media players serving content from various media servers. This system allows easy scheduling of media to multiple displays at different times. An unlimited amount of users logged in from any web browser can control the system. Track media rights usage, in-depth analytics, store media in folders with robust tagging and search, self or cloud-hosted, supports all video formats, manage separate video/image and audio playlists. A separate component of the application allows the user to schedule and purchase available time slots with prepay and invoicing functionality.
Advanced Video Composer

Video Composer
     In the video composer, scenes can be created showing zoom and reverse angles among other video effects. The software allows on-demand mixing sound files into the resulting data file. The composer supports all editing functions from a single screen interface. After editing, the resulting files transfer to a fully scalable server cluster production environment, where the ordered output files are processed and returned to the user. Since this network supplies video tours for over 50.000 real estate agents, the production servers feature load balancing and process monitoring software, which was programmed by 3Si2 as a part of the project.

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