4 Custom Software Examples You Need to Know About

Custom Software Examples Means Custom Results

Spending on business technology, or custom software solutions, comprises about 6-8% of budgets for large companies. Spending hundreds of thousands or millions on custom software can seem like a huge expenditure for small businesses. Once one realizes the kinds of custom software examples that can be created, you might change your mind.

Custom software allows users to engage with products in innovative and new ways. It redefines the customer experience and even the way we interact with the world around us. The software created for Uber changed the way people move around the world. Some custom software is more interesting than other software. Check out these 4 custom software examples for ideas on what you could do for your customers.

1. E-Z Rent-A-Car
E-Z Rent-A-Car’s site looks like nothing else in the travel industry. The responsiveness of their search engine while shopping for a car to rent caters to the intuitiveness of mobile applications. Finding a car is easier than its ever been when you can push easy to use sliders around the set pricing and scheduling information. E-Z will become a stronger competitor in coming years if only because of the unique approach by its custom software designers.

2. Evolution Gaming Limited
Evolution Gaming offers one of the biggest varieties of live casino games available online. The interactivity on their site is also fast and responsive. The menus are intuitive and the gaming experience allows players to move from desktop, tablet, and phone seamlessly. You can take a virtual seat in a casino game happening in real time if you’re looking for some more action. User experience is number one for Evolution and that’s what users are responding to.

3. Motorola
Motorola uses custom software to give a unique customer experience in the industry of telecommunications. The graphics and colors in their custom software allow for customers to get services when they need it, how they need it. They offer intuitive and cutting-edge features that complement the quality of the design. Since they created the technology for the mobile phone in the first place, they continue to revolutionize the field.

4. HotelTonight

3Si2 Custom Software Examples

If you’re looking to book a hotel from your smartphone or tablet, HotelTonight is the way to do it. People have been raving about the interactivity they provide to users as well as the quality of the design. With a fluid and flawless customer experience, it’s no wonder they’re taking on the market alongside Expedia and Airbnb.

Custom Software Examples Help To Inspire

Looking at the kind of work that’s being done by other companies can help to inspire new ideas for you and your design team. No matter what industry you’re in, you should be looking at the kinds of products your competitors are creating.

If something resonates with consumers, embrace it and find out what makes it work so well. If you’re ready to build custom software for your company, contact us for more tips on how to make sure your software is at the cutting edge of your industry.

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