4 Benefits of Custom Software Solutions to Your Business

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Around 60 million commercial entities use Microsoft’s Office 365 applications. With so many users, the suite can only ever provide a one-size-fits-all solution. That means not every program does what you need it to. If you’re frustrated with the limitations of common business software, perhaps it’s time to investigate custom software solutions.

Read on to discover four benefits of using your very own software.

1. Custom Software Solutions Fit Your Specifications
Not all businesses are created equal, so why would you use the same software as other companies in your niche? Many businesses license software, only to spend time and money hacking together solutions because it doesn’t suit their needs.

Custom software solutions are designed to meet your requirements. That frees you up to spend more time on running your business and less time tinkering with software. You’ll also be able to scale your solutions as your business grows. Simply contact your developer and discuss your changing needs.

That’s not always the case with mass-market software. Those developers may not support large businesses or the huge costs may prohibit your business securing additional licenses for more employees. If you’re still running legacy software, you can even integrate it into a newer custom system.

2. Get Better Security Baked Into Your Software
Security threats such as the WannaCry ransomware highlights how insecure both hardware and software can be. The more users a piece of vulnerable software has, the more targets a hacker has to choose from. Because the software is so common, it’s more attractive for hackers to find holes to exploit. Custom software avoids this problem. It’s not effective for a hacker to spend time focusing on one specific type of software. The damage is too small to expend the effort looking for holes.

3. Get Software That Works With Existing Programs
Many off-the-shelf packages don’t or can’t interact safely. Their incompatibilities throw up errors and employees experience continual problems. Productivity drops off as they spend time recovering lost work or trying to find ways around the problems. But custom software solutions are designed specifically for your business. So you can request compatibility with those systems you rely on every day.

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It also means you can enjoy maintenance for as long as you need it. Developers of mass-market software might go bust or simply stop providing support for a program. Just look at the disappointed users when Microsoft withdrew support for Windows XP.

4. Spend Less Time Training Staff
When you buy off-the-shelf software, you spend time and money training staff in how to use it. That process repeats every time the software gets updates. As your business grows, you’ll spend more on training new members of staff. But with custom software, you’ll spend less on training since you were involved in its design. You know what it’s supposed to do and why. You’ll also have a stake in updates so rolling out newer training takes less time.

Enjoy Software That Serves You

Some software can seem like it has a mind of its own. With solutions tailored to your business, you get control over what the software does – and why. It serves you, instead of the other way around. Have these benefits convinced you of the power of custom software solutions? Get in touch. 3Si2 would love to develop those solutions with you.

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