Who Needs Data Integration Services?

Do You Need Data Integration Services?

While it’s relatively simple to collect data, data scientists will spend 60% of their time organizing and cleaning data. That’s because so much of the data collected in any industry comes in disconnected from context or less than useful for the average office worker. Data integration services have the unique challenge of taking all of this data and turning it into something useful.

Whether it’s a 3D map showing you the locations of all of your franchises or a timelapse combining weather and profit information, data integration is powerful. It can show you how multiple data points intersect, how your products complement one another, and how various factors shape your profits. If you’re trying to understand whether your company needs data integration services, here are 4 reasons to consider for implementing a data integration plan.

1. Have Automated Marketing
If you’re able to combine your sales, social media and online search data, you can form a course of action that responds in real time. When one element dips, automate your system so that another element compensates. Combining data from all of your customer interactions allows you to make powerful business decisions. You can oversee your customer relationships and figure out where you’ve got weak points. If your social media is constantly compensating for your lack of SEO, you’ll see it’s time to refocus your efforts.

2. Harness Big Data
There’s no good way to manage all of your data without using data integration services. You need to have a way to consolidate all of your data and give your in-house teams some kind of useful result. Handing over giant data sets could be more trouble than its worth. Having figures that are removed from context could cause your team to make hasty decisions without an understanding of all of the moving parts. To perform quicker analytics and get important business insights, take a data integration approach.

3. Get Cloud Integration
Data integration now includes the potential for using cloud storage. This means that you can synchronize all of your data on the fly and get quicker responses than having everything redirected to your central office. Without this service, you could be creating redundant silos of data in legacy systems that can cause inconsistency or conflict between two offices.

4. Stay Agile

3Si2 Data Integration Services

You need to be ready to make important decisions about the future of your business at all times. If you find out that sales in one sector have dipped without being told that they’ve also been hit by massive flooding, you could mad a bad decision. If you hear that sales have spiked in one area but dropped in another, before you redirect resources data integration allows you to get a fuller picture.

Data Integration Services Offer a 360-Degree View

There are few ways to get a broad picture of your assets, expenditures, and inventory that you can make sense of on the fly. Data integration allows you to look at all of your data sets in meaningful ways and know how they interact to produce the end results you base decisions on. If you’re ready to implement data integration services in your company, contact us to figure out how your custom solution could benefit your brand.

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