Why Your Business Should Be Using an Enterprise Resource Planning Tool (ERP)

How An Enterprise Resource Planning Tool (ERP) Could Save and Boost

Did you know that 81 percent of organizations are either implementing ERP software or have completed implementation? To run a business, it’s important to install an ERP system. Why? What exactly is that and how does it work? ERP is an acronym for “Enterprise Resource Planning.” The software integrates a bunch of different functions into one complete system for a business.
Need more convincing? Read on for the top 5 reasons why your business should be using an Enterprise Resource Planning Tool.

1. It’s All on One System
One of the biggest benefits of using an Enterprise Resource Planning Tool is that you can manage many core business areas in a single system. Let’s brainstorm what every business has: a human resources department, inventory management, quality management, sales management, a finance department, and more. What happens when departments manage several things? Data errors, duplicates, lack of communication, etc. This is where the ERP solution comes in. The system integrates functions into one system and allows employees to communicate with each other minimizing mistakes.

2. Keep Up-To-Date
Out with the old system, in with the new! To remain competitive, your business needs to use modern technology. You need a system that allows your company to be flexible and grow over time.
An Enterprise Resource Planning Tool offers flexibility, adaptability, and scalability for growth. With the latest ERP tools, you’ll be able to keep up with reporting requirements. How’s that for convenient?

3. An Enterprise Resource Planning Tool Helps Streamline Processes
Can workflow improve? Of course, it can. An ERP system will help your business meet the demands of your business partners, and it will keep your employees productive as well. But, you will have to help employees learn how to use the system. The last thing you need is to neglect proper training and have employees “learn as they go.”

4. Data Analysis

3Si2 Enterprise Resource Planning Tool

Analyzing a bunch of data causes headaches and grumpy employees. An ERP system can help gather and analyze data from your business and help data teams identify accurate insights. The ERP can bring all the data into one location and provide real-time data on your business’ processes. This means that employees can see up-to-date and relevant information, instead of having to wait the next day to get results.

5. Happy Customers

Your business relies on customers, which is why you need to meet their expectations. By using an ERP, employees can see a customer’s transaction history, preferences, service history, etc.
The ERP can provide a centralized communication tool for all departments. The key here is to have all departments working together to make customers happy. At 3si2, our team has business and engineering experiences in software and hardware engineering, business development, and operations management. Our mission is to apply the latest technologies and methods. If your business is looking to hit the ground running with an Enterprise Resource Planning Tool, let us help! Contact us today and let’s start building the software your dream software!

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