Software Development Carlsbad: What to Ask Before You Hire a Developer

Software Development Carlsbad California: Investment Done Right

With 100,000 different software development companies to choose from, how do you know if you’re making the right investment? You know you want to outsource a developer but aren’t sure what questions to ask. By using these 6 basic questions about software development in Carlsbad, you will be able to feel confident in your decision.

1. What is Your Experience Level?
As you begin to interview software developers, you need to know what types of software they have experience with. Listen for key terms, app names, programming, and other indicators that the company you speak to is knowledgeable in their field. If they do not have experience in the type of custom software development you need, move on to another company.

2. Can You Handle Our Project?
Not every software development company will be able to handle your project. They may not have enough staff, equipment, or time to work with you. Try to discuss the exact project and goals your company needs to be fulfilled before you hire a developer. Let them know what type of project you have, how you want it handled, and find out if they are able to complete it in the time frame you need. These are the most important questions to ask before you make a final decision.

3. What is Your View on Development?
Does the company you want to hire have a mission statement or specific outlook on software development?
To know if your companies are compatible, get to know more about their view on development, work ethics, and vision. Ask them about their own company and how they function as a team. If you think they will work well with your own team and have similar outlooks on how the project should be completed, consider making them your software developer.

4. How Will You Execute Our Project?
Know what the company’s plan is to complete your project. Be sure to look into who is leading the project, how much time they are dedicating to it, and what their strategy is to execute it. Speak to them about what they will do to make sure your company gets satisfactory results. Don’t be afraid to ask them what they will do to be sure your project is exactly what you want.

5. Can We Communicate?

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Communication is key when you are looking for custom software development. Not only are language barriers an issue but reliable communication between companies is an even larger issue. Establish two project leaders, one from each company to communicate back and forth. This ranges from updates, needs, wants, concerns, and questions.

6. How Much Will it Cost?
The most important question of all involves cost. Some software development companies will charge by the project, others will charge by the hour. Depending on the type of project you have will determine which of those options is more cost effective. You don’t want to allow cost to be the only factor in your decision because quality work will cost you. Get a couple estimates from different companies to see which works best for your budget. .

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