How to Create Custom Project Management Quotes

Unique Project Management Quotes Are A Difference Maker

According to research, Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than just text alone. Putting attention into the visual appearance of your project management quotes will convert prospects into clients and potentially boost your sales.

Project management quotes allow a prospective buyer to see the full breakdown of costs before they make the decision to hire your services or products. If your project quotes are bland and average, that shows the potential customer that your business is “run of the mill” and will not go above and beyond expectations. Custom project quotes are what will differentiate you from competing businesses, and will make you stand out from the crowd.

The problem is, how do you create a custom quote that will better your chances of sales conversions? Read on to learn how to create custom quotes that will help build better relationships and convert to sales.

Match the Quote to Your Brand
Aligning your quotations aren’t just about aesthetics and appearance, it is about reminding them of what makes your business special. This could mean including your mission, your purpose or values on the quote as a gentle reminder. Perhaps include what gets you out of bed to do this business every day, and what makes your business special. If your custom project quotes pull on the heartstrings of the prospective clients, you have a much higher chance of converting that into a sale.

Remember All Software is Different
Before you go spend hours upon hours customizing your invoice and estimate software, remember that your rich, custom colors may not actually show up the same on your prospect’s computer screen. If this potential client has a different version of Microsoft Word, you may have lost your formatting you worked so hard on. Solve this ahead of time by testing it on many platforms and sending it to numerous friends to see what shows up for them. Saving it as PDF will also help increase your chances of it showing up correctly.

You Do Not Have to Call it a Quote
This is your chance to stand out from the norm. Try creating an attractive “proposal” rather than a typical “quote”, this little chance of wording could separate you from the rest and impress your potential client with your creativity and uniqueness.

Keep it Relevant
Now that we have touched on the factor of adding some “flavor” to your quote or “proposal”, make sure you are within the balance of information and too much “filler”. If you catch yourself cutting and pasting from your website, stop while you have the chance!

3Si2 Project Management Quotes

The saying goes; “a picture is worth a thousand words”, including a relative photo may be the factor that changes the prospect into a customer. Pictures have a way of drawing in emotion and can make your brand relatable. Emotion is a necessary ingredient in almost all decisions, especially with purchases.

Customize your Project Management Quotes Today!

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