AWS vs. Azure: Which Works Better for Legacy Systems?

AWS vs Azure: What Are Your Business Needs

No matter what your business, at some point the technology stack you are using becomes a legacy stack. It might get old, but you can’t just walk away from it. The question then becomes AWS vs Azure, which is best for your legacy application upgrade? Keep reading for your guide to who has the better cloud for legacy apps.

The Two Big Ones
If you’re considering Microsoft Azure vs AWS cloud computing, it would help to understand the major differences between the two. They are direct competitors and offer very similar products at a similar price point. So what are the major differences? Azure is owned by Microsoft, which is the company founded by Bill Gates. It’s the people who make Windows. AWS is Amazon Web Services and is controlled by Jeff Bezos [the major player in Blue Origins].

You can think of AWS development as the “bare bones” of cloud computing. AWS is the 700-pound gorilla and the clear market leader. That means at scale, they are slightly cheaper that Microsoft. Microsoft web services, on the other hand, are the top dog in terms of compliance, government experience, and platform integration. They are more likely to have an off the shelf solution to whatever problem your company is facing. You might think of MS as sort of the “upper end” of cloud the cloud computing market.

Legacy Development
Like every other question in software development, when it comes to picking a cloud provider, the answer is “it depends”. The most important factor is going to be how integrated into the Microsoft universe your legacy app already is. Microsoft holds a special place in terms of legacy applications because they have historically held such market prominence in the past.

The older your application is, the larger percentage of Microsoft stack it is likely to contain. You will have to decide if you want to keep that stack. For instance, if your application calls for a user to submit a Word document, you might be interested in keeping that flow when you upgrade the app. If you are using a Linux based legacy stack, like an old version of Apache, you might find AWS a better platform. it is just as granular as the Azure cloud, but they don’t push their own products on you as much. AWS developers generally enjoy a higher level of control and ability to handle servers themselves.


3Si2 Compares AWS vs Azure Services

Support is available on both platforms from the providers themselves. The support levels are pretty comparable. However, there is no comparison when it comes to networked providers. Microsoft has a larger and more stringent network provider certification program. A .NET developer really means something. There is no real certification for a Linux developer since it is a much more open source ecosystem.

AWS vs Azure

If your application already contains a bunch of Microsoft legacy items, the best bet is going to be Azure. If you’re starting from scratch with an Agile team of Linux geeks, AWS is the way to go. Choose the cloud provider that specializes in the technology stack you’re going toward, and get control of those legacy apps! Check out our blog for more technology tips from the pros!

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