Top 3 Benefits of Custom Mobile Apps

Custom Mobile Apps for Your Business

App development is a crucial part of the business ecosystem. Companies worldwide have developed their own mobile applications to improve customer experience and generate revenue. Earlier this year, there were nearly four million apps available for Android users and over two million on Apple’s App Store. From increased productivity to real-time project access and cost savings, custom mobile apps offer a wealth of benefits for your business. They make it easier to engage your customers, attract new clients, and ensure a personalized user experience.

The number of mobile app downloads is expected to reach 258.2 billion by 2020. Currently, it’s around 205.4 billion. If you don’t have your own mobile app yet, you’re losing out on potential business. Need more proof? Check out these three benefits of custom mobile apps:

Improve Customer Experience
In 2017, over 175 million mobile users downloaded apps on their smartphones. That’s a 60 percent increase compared to 2015. More and more customers are using apps to keep in touch with their favorite brands, buy products online, and learn new things. Fitness apps, for instance, provide users with custom workout plans and exercise tips. Taxi- and ride-hailing apps allow people to travel around for less. Travel apps make it easier to find affordable flights and accommodation on the go.

Mobile applications offer customers a way to easily access your products and services. No matter what niche you’re in, you can reap the benefits and deliver a superior user experience.

Increase Employee Productivity
Increasingly more companies are using internal business apps to facilitate communication between employees and boost their motivation. A skilled software developer can design custom mobile apps for cloud-based team communication or instant messaging. You may ask also him to incorporate other handy features, such as discussion boards, real-time notifications, project management capabilities, and more. Whether you run a small business or an established company, create your own apps to boost employee productivity. Your team will be able to brainstorm ideas more easily, access private data, and receive timely feedback.

Generate Revenue
Last year, U.S. customers spent $17.5 billion on mobile apps. This number is expected to double over the next four years. Custom mobile apps can generate additional revenue for your business. There are plenty of ways to monetize them, from in-app advertising and purchases to charging for premium versions. If you have a content-heavy app, consider offering subscription services. This strategy works best for niches like online publishing, fitness, health, and self-improvement. Customers who wish to have full access to your content will have the possibility to upgrade their membership for an extra fee.

3Si2 Custom Mobile Apps

Depending on your industry, you can charge for app installs or unlimited access to all of the features within your app. Another option is to offer free trials. Think of Dropbox and LinkedIn, which are successfully using this business model.

Leverage the Power of Custom Mobile Apps
As mobile usage to grow, so does the demand for custom mobile apps. Today’s business owners can develop their own applications to create and maintain databases, increase their customer base, and streamline their day-to-day operations. Looking for a custom software development company you can trust? Contact us today! We work with small business, Fortune 500 companies, public agencies, and everything in-between.

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