How to Complete Data Migration Without Losing Data

Complete Data Migration: Course of Action

For every business, there is a 100% chance they will need to complete data migration at some point in order to stay relevant. The simple fact is that storage options are growing all of the time, and keeping a “legacy system” may lead to compromised or corrupted data that can cost money and time, and may even result in data theft. That doesn’t sound like something any company would want to deal with. Moving data to a newer system just makes sense. So where do you begin and how do you do it safely without losing data? What follows is a guide to complete data migration.

What Exactly is Data Migration?

In simplest terms, data migration is when all of the stored data is moved from one type of storage system to another. This can include changing the file formats or the storage type itself, such as from a physical drive to the cloud. In today’s world, the most likely target for a complete data migration will be to the cloud. This offers you the most options.

Make no mistake, this is a major undertaking that requires a plan. Data is the lifeblood of many companies today so you need to do your best to ensure everything is done correctly.

Moving on From a Legacy System
Once you’ve determined that complete data migration is necessary, there are certain steps that need to be followed.

    Extract the data
    Transform the data
    Check the data
    Validate that everything worked
    Load the data into the new system

This is a typical plan that makes sense. By extracting, transforming, and checking the data for corruption, it’s then ready to be transferred to the updated storage system. Depending on the size of the business, this can be completed in-house or with help from professionals. Either way, data migration is a serious undertaking and should only be completed with proper planning.

Think of the Future

3Si2 Complete Data Migration Services

Data migration isn’t just a one-time thing, especially if a company plans on being around far into the future. This means that the migration should be a repeatable process. New platforms can hit the market at any time. While many may get ignored, every few years a new system will come out that offers better storage and protection. To stay competitive, a migration may need to take place a few times a decade.

It should make sense, then, to have a process in line that allows for maximum efficiency. Always have someone up-to-date on the latest storage options to discuss when the right to time to move data should be.

Help With Complete Data Migration

There’s no shame in finding help for data migration. It’s a massive undertaking that needs to go smoothly. Moving on from a legacy system is important for clients’ protection and customer service, so never skimp by attempting to go at it alone without the proper knowledge. Contact 3Si2 with any questions or concerns regarding legacy system migration and all of the things it entails. It’s never too early to start thinking about moving data.

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