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Given that nearly 50% of all small businesses don’t even have a website, it’s not surprising that most don’t have the infrastructure they need beyond a website. If you’re looking to open even a small shop, you need to have payroll, eCommerce, and communication solutions in place.

Thanks to the latest in SaaS developments, there are plenty of inexpensive or free solutions available. Software-as-a-service solutions free up a lot of bandwidth for small businesses. Rather than having to manage all of the complicated tech behind database management and email servers, you can leave that to service providers. For a small fee, you get access to an application, via a web browser, that’s managed by a team of talented engineers. If you want all of the best tech without having to staff for it, SaaS is the direction you should head. Follow these 4 SaaS trends to stay ahead of the pack.

1. Go Mobile
With mobile traffic now definitively ahead of desktop browsing, there’s no turning back. Instead of having build all of your own complex application, you can integrate applications into your own. You can even cause your application to open up a second application to complete the work your application can’t. Users will appreciate that you’ve taken the effort to integrate and will rely on your app to access all of their favorite services. They will feel the platform is well customized to their needs and you’ll be likely to agree.

2. Save On Security
As data breaches have hit even the biggest cities in the US, cybercriminals have gotten more sophisticated and clever at taking over networks. As cybercrime increases, hackers will find quick and simple solutions to start breaking into servers with ransomware. As hacking and ransomware scams become easier for them, they’ll hit smaller and lesser prepared targets.

SaaS Development Solutions

Your small or medium company could be next on some cyber criminal’s hit list. Rather than having to spend hundreds of thousands to integrate security solutions, you can use SaaS development solutions as your answer to cybersecurity worries.

3. Total Marketplaces
Just as Netflix has expanded from merely a place for movies to a producer itself, SaaS companies are also working to become more comprehensive platforms. Being able to perform one function well is still important, but convenience still rules the internet.

Platforms that can provide multiple solutions will be the future of SaaS development. Integration is the direction that nearly every application and service currently on the market is aiming for. The more ways that a SaaS provider can support small business practices, the more useful it’ll be.

SaaS Development Changes Constantly

As business needs change and become more complex, so do platforms. We’re seeing the rise of AI in recent SaaS companies. By predicting what clients need and when they need it, SaaS platforms can help streamline the nitty-gritty of running a small to medium business. If you’re curious about the details of building a SaaS platform, check out our guide to the most common questions asked of project engineers.

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