5 Software Trends in 2018

2018 Software Trends for Business Application

The computer software industry is constantly changing. What was hot last year can quickly go out of style. It’s no easy matter for companies to stay current on the latest trends, or to know what they need or what their customers will want from them. Software trends can be very unpredictable, especially as technology advances, offering the market new and better products. So, how can you stay on top of what’s hot? Here are some trends that you might not be aware of.

5 Software Trends in 2018
If you’re thinking of getting some new custom software designed for your business, you have to know what’s in at the moment. Here are 5 software trends so far in 2018.
1. Automation
Companies desire the ability to automate processes for a variety of reason. Automation can reduce inefficiencies, making processes move more smoothly, thus saving both time and money. These increased efficiencies might be implemented in manufacturing or for something as simple as password recovery. There’s really no limit to how it can speed up the redundancies of work and life.

2. Security
As technology increases the amount of business performed online, security is more vital than ever. Hackers are becoming more aggressive, causing data leaks and stealing tons of personal and corporate information. This is why companies need the best professional security software possible.

3. Multiple Platforms
In today’s software development industry, companies need to be able to access the website files and web applications from a variety of devices. Business is done on the go, and so as developers create new software applications, these applications need to be as functional and easy to use on an iPhone as it is on a desktop computer.

4. Utilizing Big Data

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Gathering and analyzing enormous amounts of data is the lifeblood of many companies. Data drives what the corporate world understands about products and consumers, and thus companies need tools that can analyze information quickly and effectively, delivering results that can be used immediately. Two of the biggest factors impacting the data a company collects is storage and processing, thus new software needs to maximize the speed at which useful results can be produced, interpreted, and implemented.

5. Personalization
Personalization is another of the 5 software trends in 2018. Clients don’t want a long learning curve for understanding how to use the software they need. They want it tailored specifically for them so that it can be easily used straight out of the box, and for the information the software generates to be relevant to them.
People pay far more attention to products and services that are interesting to them. Thus it’s important for software development trends to offer personalized products that immediately feel familiar and user-friendly.

The Importance of Staying Relevant

Software trends are often fickle and ever-changing. Therefore it can be very challenging for developers to keep up or even stay ahead of the game. It’s certainly not easy, but also not impossible. This list of a few of the software trends of 2018 should give you a good idea of where your focus should be and how to guide potential clients in attempting to meet their needs. Check out which 5 questions to ask your product software team.

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