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3Si2 has developed inventory management software for a wide range of industries.

Deploying a complete and exhaustive inventory tracking and control system that meets your unique needs starts with a thorough analysis of your business goals and requirements. After the analysis is done and documented work starts on developing a comprehensive inventory management solution. During the development process 3Si2 teams work through iterations until the optimum product is refined. Agile software development methodology is followed during development to ensure a time effective process.


3Si2 Inventory control and tracking software will integrate with all of your current systems.

3Si2’s intensive analysis captures your business requirements and guarantees there will be no surprises when implementing your customized inventory management solution. Achieving seamless integration with your existing systems is no problem for us due to a deep understanding of all major code bases, database platforms, and common business practices.


Inventory control software combined with an automated ordering system provides the perfect platform for maintaining Just In Time inventory.

Keep your distribution supply chain moving swiftly with little need for human oversight. An automated inventory system will monitor your stock and with notify managers to order more product, or it can be set to contact the supplier or manufacturer directly and order the needed amount. The needed amount of inventory can be pre-set, or historical data can be utilized to effectively estimate the best quantity. Automated inventory management is not only useful for organizations that require Just In Time inventory management, it can be utilized by any type of organization to find optimizations in their processes – just ask us how it can help you, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Medical Inventory and Order  Management System

Medical Inventory and Order Management System

This system provides integrated inventory and order management functionality to all clients. It also provides a 3-tiered hierarchical organization of clients with multiple regions and offices - each office having its own separate inventory and order management account. Next, it provides corporate oversight and control of regional offices with variable order review and approval levels. Lastly, predictive algorithms can automate the ordering of high-volume consumables if desired. This not only reduces manpower, but also reduces shipping costs while preventing shortages. An optional EDI feature provides integration with existing client MRP systems.

Inventory & Material Management

Inventory & Material Management

This Inventory, Work Flow, and Order Management software supports multiple independent regional offices & warehouses. The system tracks inventory in the warehouse, to and from the construction site, material that is drop-shipped to constructions sites (does not pass thorough the warehouse), and calculates total materials costs by project. System also tracks transportation, overtime premiums, and equipment rental costs.

The system is built on Microsoft technology and uses AJAX ('Asynchronous JavaScript and Xml' approach) to make the user interface more responsive and comfortable.