Quality tools for delivering quality media across various channels


Tools for creating and managing digital media

Integrated browser based tools from 3Si2 for video production, editing, encoding, storage, and distribution make professional media management easy enough for beginner users, while still being robust enough for seasoned pros. Browser based tools provide easy access from any computer, and simple new-user creation allows you to quickly expand without having to purchase any hardware or software. Your custom solution can be self hosted, or you can take advantage of scalable cloud hosting.


Get your content to the audiences you want to target

Publishing your media to multiple channels doesn’t have to bottleneck your process. Using a video management system that incorporates media encoding, storage, and publishing provides a streamlined process that allows you to push ingested media to multiple platforms with just a few key keystrokes and mouse clicks. When managing your media is easier you can focus more on creating and procuring top quality content.


Track more data, refine process, get better results

Stop guessing how your video is performing for your users. In depth media analytics allows you to determine if there is room for optimization in your video encoding, or stream switching protocols. When your assessment of video quality is based on performance metrics such as start-up time, dropped frames, rebuffering, bitrate, average connection speed, screen size, and device type you can take corrective action that ensures the highest quality streaming.


Digital Signage Narrowcasting

Digital Signage Narrowcasting

A custom narrowcasting system can turn any TV into a digital signage display. 3Si2 has developed technology that displays media on selected screens using different media players serving content from different media servers. This technology allows easy scheduling of media to different displays at different times. An unlimited amount of users logged in from any web browser can control the system.

Track media rights usage, in-depth analytics, store media in folders with robust tagging and search, self or cloud hosted, supports all video formats, manage separate video/image and audio playlists.

Video Editing Encoding and Distribution Server

Video Editing Encoding and Distribution Server

This product provide a means for real-estate photographers, and videographers to get their media to market faster we developed a device-independent browser based platform for uploading, editing, encoding, and serving video content to various platforms. Video encoding to multiple formats can be performed in large batches. Video server bandwidth is scalable to meet varying needs.