Is your company positioned to take advantage of the commercial possibilities?

Application Scenarios

Farming Automation

Get better crop yields from fertilization & pesticide recommendation based on extensive soil condition measurements, and anticipated weather conditions.

Natural Resource Discovery

Imagery generated from UAV / aerial drone photography combined with GPR and heat map data lets you see the land you are surveying in a whole new light.

Forest Fire Prevention

Automated aerial drones can alert firefighters of a forest fire before it spreads and becomes unmanageable. Aerial drones can even be deployed to drop water.

Law Enforcement Support

Aerial drones deployed at the scene of a crime puts more eyes where they need to be. Monitoring large crowds, traffic and natural disasters is easier, cheaper and safer with drones.

Harbor Patrol

Aerial and aquatic drones can spot irregular harbor traffic, effectively monitor water conditions – and they can save lives when deployed to an incident far from the coast.

Medical Delivery

Rush delivery of donor organs will soon be cheaper, faster, and easier with UAV drones. Manage your fleet of delivery drones with a detailed monitoring and control system.


Automated and unmanned drones secure your perimeter without risking lives.

Keeping your facility secure is easier than ever before with the use of an autonomous drone system. Deploying a connected network of drones in the sky, on land and in the water around your location will keep intruders from thinking twice about stepping foot on your property. If someone does breach your perimeter you’ll be sure to know it as soon as it happens, and the appropriate authorities can be notified if desired. A customized drone control system is crucial for reaping the benefits of a drone network.


Deliver your goods to consumers with an impressively fast aerial drone delivery fleet.

Managing the delivery drone fleet of tomorrow will take a powerful and complex logistics management system, relaying information to the FAA and relevant authorities will also be crucial. At the forefront of drone delivery fleet management is the base logistics platform developed by 3Si2. Working hand in hand with our warehouse management software the future of delivery possibilities is limitless.